Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Skank Honto - Big Room Sounds

this mix is part 2 of my 80 minute promo cd that I've been giving out. the first 47 minutes was focusing more into the nu-funk sounds of low to mid speed tempos, the straight up funky stuff I play in the the smaller venues and lounges. you can check it here:

this portion here is 33 minutes of some of my favourite big room breaks tunes I've been caning in the clubs, including one of my own tunes and re-rubs as well. expect big bass, electro sounds, and crisp breakbeats.




1. Sub Focus - Could This Be Real? (Ram Records)
2. BadboE - Dynamite [Break the Box Remix] (Auditory Designs)
3. Plump DJ's - Shifting Gears [Stanton Warriors Remix] (Finger Lickin' Records)
4. Deekline and Wizard - Back Up (Love for the Music) [Krafty Kuts Remix] (Against the Grain)
5. Skank Honto - Jamaican Wiggle (unreleased)
6. Maelstrom ft. MC Youthstar - Beat Police (Katorza Records)
7. Wolfgang Gartner - Wolfgang's 5th Symphony [Skank Honto's breakbeat Planet Rock re-rub] (unreleased)
8. Stanton Warriors - Good Vibrations (Punks)
9. Plump DJ's - Be Good (Grand Hotel)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skank Honto - It's a Nu-Funk Thang

there is some big things going on in the world of funky music.
a lot of great new labels and producers coming out with some great music coming out on both sides of the strictly vinyl and strictly digital side of things, be it originals or remixes and mashups of classics.
so here is 18 tracks thrown down in 47 minutes on two Technics 1200's and a Pioneer CDJ-1000 that showcase some of the names who are bringing some freshness to the funk, aka Nu-Funk.

Skank Honto - It's a Nu-Funk Thang
recorded February 2010

18 tunes, 47 minutes

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1. Nik Weston presents Grant Green - Let the Music Take You (Mukatsuku Records)
2. BadboE - Nothing But The Funk (Auditory Designs)
3. the Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin' [J-Pod Remix] (cdr)
4. BadboE vs Prosper - Too Hot Too Handle (Bomb Strikes)

5. Sub Swara - The Balance [Fort Knox Five Remix] (Low Motion Records)

6. A-Skillz & Nick Thayer - Jungle Banger (Insane Bangers)

7. James Brown - Mind Power [Basement Freaks Remix] (Good Groove Records)
8. Da Wiesel - Blockrocking Blade (Sunset Soul)

9. Def Cut - B-Boy Stance (cdr)

10. Danny Massure - Soul Cellar [All Good Funk Alliance Remix] (Tickle Junk Recordings)

11. Featurecast - Sunshine Boogie (Baffin Island Beat Brigade)

12. Mooqee vs Beat Vandals - Player (Bomb Strikes)

13. Manmade feat. Penny - Supersonic (Manmade Recordings)

14. Break Da Funk - No No No (Funky Mamas and Papas)

15. Umbo & Balatz feat. Jaksa Jordes - Groove On (Good Groove Records)

16. Hayz - TriggaPhunk [Freak Fu's Pocket Rocket Remix] (Big M Productions)

17. Lola - Morning Light (3345 Records)
18. DJ Czech - Stand By Me (cdr)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Skank Honto - TGIFunky!

party rocking funky beats and breaks. don't skip this one.
the previous summer I was running a series of monthly events in London called TGIFunky!
months after the events ended I still had a couple piles of records which
never found their way back to their original places in the crates.
rather than just sort them, I decided to throw together a mix of the tunes that
would have been played, and a couple newer ones picked up since then as well.

I'd like to think this set does capture the essence of the events in the sense that it has
some groove that works through some peaks and valleys in energy but comes off really
organic and fun in the end, while being delivered 100% through vinyl.

Skank Honto - TGIFunky!
elapsed time 60 minutes - recorded February 7th 2008

1. Dead Prez / Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said Hip Hop [Smalltown DJ's Remix] (Hai Karate Records)
2. the Beatnuts - Watch Out Now [instrumental] (Relativity Records)
3. Los Bandidos - Mojo Filer (white)
4. Hot Shot - Plug & Play Track 3 (white)
5. DJ Shadow - the Number Song [Cut Chemist Party Mix] (Mo Wax)
6. DJ Format - Stealin' James Part 1 (Totally Dodgy Records)
7. Aldo Vanucci & Featurecast - Make You Happy (Good Groove Records)
8. Mark Ronson - Ooh Wee [instrumental] (Elektra)
9. Kraak & Smaak - Squeeze Me (Jalapeno)
10. Mooqee VS Beat Vandals - Back Up (Bomb Strikes)
11. A-Skillz feat. Beardyman - Got the Rhythm (Finger Lickin')
12. Qdup Foundation - Renegades Revenge (Bomb Strikes)
13. Rephrase - Since 1939 [Album Version] (Rephrase Music)
14. Featurecast - Soul Flower (Good Groove Records)
15. Hot Chip - Over and Over (Astralwerks)
16. Omegaman - The Super Hi Fi Funk [B-Team Remix] (Super Hi Fi)
17. Manmade - Beastie Nights (Man Made Records)
18. Fort Knox Five - the Spirit of '75 (Fort Knox Recordings)
19. DJ D**kline & Red Polo - Booty Beggin' (Booty Breaks)
20. Parker feat. Rasco - Western Soul (Leisure Recordings)


Skank Honto - United Breaks FM Guest Mix

thrown down on a couple tech 12's and a CDJ1000 a few months back.
no cd covers or fancy imagery, just some straight up energetic beats with a theme of robots, electro, basslines, a bit of brouse, and even a couple guitars.

Skank Honto - United Breaks Guest Mix
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1. Metric - Monster Hospital [Alex Metric Remix] (white)
2. The Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do [Rogue Element & Tom Real Remix] (Tiny E)
3. NAPT - Intergalactic (Sub Frequency Funk)
4. Swain & Paris - What Is This? [Metric Remix] (Spinout)
5. Skank Honto - Mexilectro (unreleased)
6. Stanton Warriors - Night Mover (Punks)
7. Dave Spoon feat. Lisa Maffia - Bad Girl (At Night) [Beat Vandal Remix] (Electrade)
8. Everyone's a Crook VS Ils - Love Will Tear Us Apart [LBJ Remix] (Botchit Breaks)
9. Rennie Pilgrim - Defender (TCR)
10. Soul of Man - Dirty Waltzer [Trouble Soup!! Remix] (Finger Lickin')
11. Santos - Try To Burn (Mob)
12. Digital Base - Superfashion [General Midi Remix] (iBreaks)
13. Ed Solo and Skool of Thought - When I Was a Yout' [Krafty Kuts Remix] (Against The Grain)
14. Speciman A feat. Miss Trouble - Freak In Us (Funkatech)
15. Quest feat. Oddissi - Break Me (Botchit & Scarper)

Skank Honto - Who Spiked The Funk?

this mix focuses on the more nu-skool funky breaks ish, mixing funk and electro influences with dirty breakbeats and basslines.

Skank Honto - Who Spiked The Funk?
recorded May 2007, running time just under 61 minutes

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1. Lady Waks & Hardy Hard - Listen (West)
2. Atomic Hooligan - Spitball [Robb G & Paranoid Jack Remix] (Promo Records)
3. Noisia - Gutterpump [Rogue Element & Tom Real Remix] (Passenger)
4. Myagi - Absent From Skull (Title Fight Recordings)
5. Royksopp - What Else Is There? [Trentemoller Remix Breaks Remix] (white)
6. Malente - For The Revolution [Mason Remix] (Unique)
7. Circuit Breaker - I Got Soul (ViperJive)
8. Rob Reng ft Huw Price - Plug Me In (Ruff Dog Recordings)
9. DJ Wood - Poppa Large (TwentyHZ)
10. Amb - Mechanical (Money Shot Recordings)
11. Rob Reng - Makin' Ya Bounce (Ruff Dog Recordings)
12. Drumattic Twins - Hyperspeed (Finger Lickin')
13. Skank Honto - Thinker (unreleased)
14. Milke vs Sarah McLauchlin - She Says Silence [Skank Honto mash-up] (white)

Lost In Thought (chilled out, chinstroking breakbeats) by Skank Honto & Ian Cognito

this is somewhat of a concept mix for us, as we wanted to make a mix for the chilled out listening environment.
after some crate digging to pull together a collection of recent tunes, older gems, and all around beautiful pieces of music, we resulted with 19 tunes and an accapella thrown into just under 80 minutes of chilled out, chinstroking beats.

Lost In Thought
mixed by Skank Honto & Ian Cognito
recorded September 2007

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1. Dylan Rhymes - New Sun (Kingsize)
2. Nursery of Naughtiness - Eyes (Exceptional)
3. Jose Gonzalez - Crosses [Breaks Remix] (white)
4. Rennie Pilgrem - Coming Up For Air [Koma & Bones Remix] (TCR)
5. Dislexik -Air of Dawn [DJ Love Remix] (Pure Phunk)
6. DJ Icey - Love (Zone)
7. unknown - American Beauty (white)
8. Plump DJ's - Pucker Up (Finger Lickin')
9. Robb G - 12 Inch Therapy [Bass Kleph Remix] (Promo Records)
10. Olive - You're Not Alone [breaks remix] (white)
11. Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit [Stanton Warriors Remix] (Punks)
12. Soto feat. Becki - Confusin' (Botchit & Scarper)
13. Skank Honto - Thinker (unreleased)
14. Chris Carter - Walkie Talkie (Record Records)
15. unknown - Papa's Got New Brown Paper Bag (white)
16. Pornobreaks - Trippin' Me Out (Sic Recordings)
-- Faithless - God Is A DJ [accapella]
17. Kosheen - Hide You [Koma and Bones Remix] (TCR)
18. unknown - Born Sloppy (white)
19. ILS vs The Who - Baba O'Riley (Distinctive Records)

Skank Honto - Phresh Radio Exclusive (2006)

this mix was recorded Saturday June 3rd when I played on a radio show here in town on the FM dial as well as broadcast through a few sites online, and seeing as the archive downloads end today, thought I would upload it myself for those who missed it, and also a better quality version (192k) as now its on my own bandwidth.


this set is 75 minutes of breaks, with a ton of funky flavours,
lots of current releases, and even a couple moodier tunes in around the mid point thrown in for good measure.

Skank Honto -
broadcast on 94.9FM in London - June 3rd 2006

1.) Ed Royal & DJ Enne - Greetings To... (Innvision Records)
2.) Le Scratch Funk - the Go Off!! (Melting Pot Music)
3.) The Sweaty Hunks - Bump Ya Booty (East)
4.) unknown - Hijack the Express (Pirate Breaks)
5.) Fatboy Slim - Give The Po' Man a Break (Skint)
6.) Brothers Bud - Pump Box (Vinyl Addiction)
7.) Soto - Ghetto Blast Ya (Menu Music)
8.) Scissorkicks & Sgt Rock - Seoul Warfare (West Records)
9.) Ian Van Dahl - Inspiration [Krafty Kuts Remix] (Deepcut)
10.) Precision Cuts - Smartbreaks in the Place (Smart Breaks)
11.) Aquasky feat. El Hornet from Pendulum - Girls and Boys (Passenger)
12.) Plaza De Funk - Got the Funk [Madox Mozzarella Mix] (West Records)
13.) Will White - Digital Funk (Funktional)
14.) Skank Honto & Crisis - Lynn's Whistle (CDR)
15.) Groove Allegiance - System 100 (Splank!)
16.) Rennie Pilgrim - The Preacher (TCR)
17.) unknown - Woz not Woz breaks mix (white)


Skank Honto - Bringin' You The Sound!

Skank Honto - Bringin' You The Sound!
recorded January 29th, 2006
elapsed time 78 minutes

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1.) Radiohead - Everything In It's Right Place [Aquasky Remix] (white)
2.) Trick & Kubic - High [Boogie Army Remix] (Sonntag Music)
3.) Drumattic Twins - the Flunk (Finger Lickin')
4.) unknown - Hitting the Jack (Party Style)
5.) Boogie Army feat. Unkle Massive - Inside the Ride (Carepack)
6.) Skank Honto & Crisis - Lynn's Whistle (CDR)
7.) Grand Def Audio - Ella (Hot to Trot Records)
8.) Braund Reynolds - Rocket [Rennie Pilgrem Remix] (Phonetic Recordings)
9.) Aquasky & Meat Katie - Overneath (Passenger)
10.) Dylan Rhymes feat. Katherine Ellis - Sugar DJ (Kingsize)
11.) Drumattic Twins - Twister (Finger Lickin')
12.) Coburn - We Interupt This Programme [Stanton Warriors Remix] (Data Records)
13.) Chris Carter - Walkie Talkie (Record Records)
14.) the Rogue Element - Let Me Breathe (Exceptional Records)
15.) Superstyle Deluxe feat. Bukue One - You're Wrong [Skool of Thought Remix] (Supercharged)
16.) Deep Impact & the Autobots - Ultrafunkula (Broke)
17.) Skank Honto & Crisis feat. MC Ytee - Infiltrate [quasi-vocal mix] (CDR)
18.) the Breakfastaz - Lift Me Up (Against the Grain)

Skank Honto - Live @ Van Gogh's Ear (May 2005)

Skank Honto (
Live @ Van Gogh's Ear in Guelph
May 2005

right click, CHOOSE SAVE AS

tracklisting: mixed on the fly and for the masses.

1.) Bill, Ben and Baggio - Pusherman (Freskanova)
2.) Circuit Breaker - Got The Funk (ViperJive)
3.) Steelzawheels - D-Fonk (West)
4.) Armand Van Helden - My My My [Deekline & Wizard Remix] (Southern Fried Records)
5.) Bass Kleph - Wildcard [Cut the Deck Mix] (Breaking Point)
6.) Cirrus - Break In (Moonshine)
7.) Myagi - The Mothra Shuffle (West)
8.) Dynamo Productions - Message From the King [Smoove's Remix] (Unique Records)
9.) Move Ya & Steve Lavers - Rock Me (Audiobug)
10.) Simon Paul - Oil, Loop, and Filter (Splank)
11.) unknown - Black Eyed Bootleg (white)
12.) Breakfastaz - Kick It (Mob)
13.) Deep Impact - Methods VIP (Supercharged)
14.) Control Z - Badman (Hardcore Beats)
15.) Control Z - Disko (Funkatech)
16.) Scam - Put Your Hands Up (Deepcut)
17.) DJ Love - Steady Fire (Stellar Music)
18.) Aquasky - Party Skank (777)
19.) Skool of Thought - Funky Town (Supercharged)
20.) Alter Ego - Rocker [Stanton Warriors Remix] (white)
21.) Kelis - Trick Me [Tiefschwarz Remix] (white)
22.) Alex Dolby - Hazy Way [Evil 9 Remix] (Mantra)
23.) DJ Hyper VS the Hives - Hyper Loves the Hives (white)
24.) Moguai - Old 'n' New (Punx)
25.) Taishan - Black Mamba Funk [Move Ya & Steve Lavers Remix] (Resin Records)
26.) The Autobots - Seconds Out (Broke)
27.) the Breakfastaz - The Pressure (Passenger)
28.) Funk-o-Bots - Surely Shot (white)

123 minutes of stuff to comment on, so feedback is very much encouraged.

Skank Honto - Get Down To This!

it's got a handful of Canadian content, and lays down into the funk as well as some hard hitting, high energy type ish.

Skank Honto ~ Get Down to This
recorded November 27th, 2004 - elapsed time 78 minutes
right click, choose Save As to download.

1. Freeland ~ Supernatural Thing (Marine Parade)
2. X-Men VS Felix da Housecat feat. Miss Kitten ~ Silver Screen (white)
3. the Phat Conductor VS Dave Dub ~ Cannibal Orgy [Price Cuts Remix] (2Wars)
4. Phil Fuldner ~ Miami Pop (Hussle n Bussle)
5. Freesylers ~ Push Up (Against the Grain)
6. Sgt Rock ~ No Skool [Myagi's Class Clown Remix] (Splank!)
7. Simon Paul ~ the 10/40 Window (Splank!)
8. Splitloop ~ KFC (Supercharged)
9. Krafty Kuts ~ Where's the Noise? (Deepcut)
10. the Loose Cannons ~ Superstars [Boris Dlugosch & Michael Lange Vocal Mix] (Universal Island Records)
11. the New Originals ~ 1799 (white)
12. Rennie Pilgrem ~ Gladiator (TCR)
13. the Breakfastaz ~ the Pressure (Passenger)
14. General Midi feat. Jake ~ Entertainer (Thursday Club Recordings)
15. Yoshimoto feat. Matsa ~ You Cats Will (Lab-Rok)
16. Scam ~ Killer (Deepcut)
17. DJ Mutiny & Amaziree ~ Resistance (Supercharged)
18. Freestylers ~ Dogs & Sledges (Against the Grain)

enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated!

Skank Honto - Live on Electric Circus (video)

September 23rd, 2003
recorded live on MuchMusic Television, broadcast nationwide

Right Click, choose Save As to download 4 minute video